Monday, December 25, 2006

..more memories

Wayne C
it's been established that reg presley and the troggs (reg lives comfortably off the royalties of love is all around, i hope) played the east providence heritage festival. i want to add this eyewitness account. after a somewhat palatable billy j. Kramer and the searchers, who were apt, professional, played the hits, the troggs came out before some configuration that included eric burdon.
he troggs did not know where they were (and that's a good thing). clam cakes, chowdah, the flying wallendas, a booth to raise money for the restoration of ponham light. fook no! the troggs came on like in the hall of the mountain king to the wee laddie afternoon of the foolkn' faun searchers.
i can't contol myself!!!!???? children hid behind their mother's skirts and crawled under lawn chairs. the beer line walked away and tried to rush the stage. it was raucous, awful and lovely!
i vaguely remember eric burdon that night and i love the guy. he did all day music...nothing else coming up. no sky pilot or san franciscan nights.
monkees yeah. we couldn't have the beatles very week but we could have mickey, pete, mike and davey. my older brother and i dug the first record, pleasant valley sunday and some ripper that mickey dolenz did (help me here). it rivalled i'm down in our estimation.

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