Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Culture Vulture

Here's the rock and roll quiz question for our newest forum--List three guilty pleasures that you (in your misspent, uneducated youth) adored, but in reality they've become virtually unlistenable. On the other hand, who, in yer early, don't-tell-me-I'm-a-popular music-connoisseur, wound up being near the top of your ever-maturing personal charts. For me, I once puppy loved, but no longer can defend: (1)Ten Years After, (2) Rick Derringer,(3) the Lou Reed Rock and Roll Animal configuration (Dick Wagner/ Steve Hunter), and once sneered at but now adore: (1) Hank Williams (Sr.) (2) Tommy James and The Shondells, (3) Donovan. Lay it on us, and play it straight.

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