Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Bob G

O.K. this is easy...even though I was a NY Dolls/Velvets fan back when I was 13 (my father had a subscription to the Voice and an old Grundig radio that could pick up China...do the math), I still went through this progressive rock period when I thought chops were important and should be spread all over an arrangement...in other words, lots of solo playing in the middle of what is supposed to be a verse, but ends up being a sound-alike Lord of the Rings excerpt.
So I listened to some righteous crap at around 14 to 15...and somewhere in there was Grand Funk Railroad...but we won't even go there.
The best of the worst:
Patrick Moraz: he's the dick head who took over for Rick Wakeman when the tall blond one left Yes
Rick Wakeman...Six Wives of Henry the 8th...a "concept" album. The only thing that woke me out of this stupor was the Sex Pistols...seems old Awake Man was one of the artists responsible for them getting bounced off A&M England and still getting 150,000 quid for their trouble. I laughed when two years later the fool had a heart attack...it was my punk phase, so I thought it was funny.
Finally...Tiny Tim's first record. I gotta admit I dug this guy's record at the time. So much so that my Aunt & Uncle took me to see him at his peak at the Tent in Warwick. Ted Nugent and The Amboy Dukes opened up, and the entire season ticket holder section emptied in panic. I learned two things that night...loud, distorted music was way better then a pre-reality television superstar (remember he got married on what was the highest Tonight show rating in history before Carson actually had his last show) and season tickets at the Tent were the way to go. As far as the record, I can still remember the duet he did with himself on a song called..."Daddy, What Is Heaven Like" and sang the son and father parts...sort of like Alice Cooper meets Gomer Pyle.

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