Saturday, December 30, 2006

Hardest & Littlest Man in Showbiz

Yes, he gets up at 5:00 AM and spends the entire day in constant movement and spontaneous (and as yet never before seen) dance moves, as his body actually seems to stumble across the floor in a manner many say he acquired from his drunken wino father. His fans lie in an awe inspired stupor as he lays hands on their tortured souls and calls forth the blessings and incantations he has has learned while his father lies snoring on a couch with a religous station on TV and no remote within reach. He still finds his comfort in a bottle, even though his mother is concerned he will follow his father's path of inebreated and mindless bantor about things no one seems to care about except for a few elitist boomers who should be doing something else at their jobs, but instead find amusement in this forum.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry folks, I couldn't resist pluggin' my little one, who turns 1 this Wednesday (1/3).