Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Mark D
Okay I'll play

My list looks like Mr. K's and Mr G's a bit

Over the top overwrought, overplayed, head bobbing white boy I
can't dance to this even if you point a gun at my balls thank god:

Mahavishnu Orchestra
I want to add Weather Report but I still like Weather Report even
though I listened to that album all by myself in Charlestown 2.8
million times
Supergroup Beck, Bogart, Appice and all other supergroups and even
though it was perhaps the best live performance I'd ever seen and
maybe ever will see; Humble Pie

Stuff I resisted but now embrace like every other aging post punk
pop motherfucker:

Sinatra, Dino, Davis, Como, Prima, and yes even Tom Jones which made
me wanna puke as a kid but seems cool now that I'm old

Dylan - for some reason never got into it even though I owned Dylan
albums all along - I guess I felt obligated to own them but never
listened until recently

Beach Boys - could care less about that smooth and happy sound in
adolescence but discovered the depth and richness in maturity.

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