Wednesday, December 27, 2006

james brown, r.i.p.

my first real ownership of james brown music came by way of the who, who covered both "i don't mind," and 'please, please, please," in 1965 on my generation. after that, i had intermittent interest because i was a dolt when it came to soul music until otis redding. otis, sam and dave, booket t. and the mg's, memphis soul, not motown or james, opened the door for me. but i knew "i got you" and "papa's got a brand new bag," and loved the cape thing on the sullivan show. later, papa don't take no mess, part one. maybe my favorite. however, as has already been observed, for all his musical genius he was tasteless and self-destructive, and lately, at a quick glance, condoleezza rice has been reminding me of j.b. around the time of 'living in america.'
w (barely sentient) c
p.s. got a thunderclap newman cd for christmas (hollywood dream--maybe their only one) and i love it. any speedy keen fans about?

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