Tuesday, December 12, 2006

John K
Rehashing a lot of what's been said:
Music currently playing in my Hell
Pink Floyd
Grand Funk

As a kid I blamed Lennon for the break-up so I ignored
him and bought McCartney albums-Shame of Shame I owned
Ram-Could not be more bubblegum if The Archies had
done it. Meanwhile Lennon was writing much better
music-Jealous Guy is in my all-time top 10. (covered
by The Faces and Roxy Music very well)
Yes, Chas I like Roxy!!

Ignored country as a kid and think that today's
country is nothing but Pop. Haggard, Cash, Hank
Williams Sr, Patsy Kline are all appreciated now.
Actually had 2 covers of Singin' The Blues. Dave
Edmunds and The Infamous Black Oak Arkansas (Owned way
too many records as a kid)

Couple of albums for old time country and folk music;
Arlo Guthrie's Hobo's Lullabye
Mike Ness's Cheating at Solitaire.
Mike Ness and Springsteen doing country together-Who
saw that one coming??

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