Friday, March 14, 2008

TV EYE: Robos, Dames, and Sci-fi Television

The TV Terminator ( actually titled The Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles,which just finished its initial run on Fox, Mondays, 9:00) is solid smash-and-grab sci-fi, replete with robo-poundings, governmental conspiracies, just enough things blowing up, a nice solid spread of apocalyptic doom jam, and two attractive females with the seeming ability to roundly kick-everybody-in sight’s-ass. It somehow meshes into the whole Terminator mythology, but for those like me, who don’t care, you don’t have to get it in order to get it. Once again Sarah (Lena Headey) and John (Thomas Dekker) are on the lamb, but they ain’t no sheep. Ably protected by the waiflike cyborg Cameron (get it?), played by Summer Glau. The show is smartly propulsive, and allows it's futuristic dread to seep in properly as the plot click-clacks ahead (and back). Headey and Glau are a fun odd couple team to watch, (and, unsurprisingly, adding two more to the spate of tough TV dames on parade this season). As the episodes have progressed even Dekker has managed to break out of the sullen pretty boy teen thang and has started to craft a believable character. The show is my kinda sci-fi—matter-of-fact rather than strained seriousness, a mud-and-guts vision of the near and far future, a tale that's neither too cerebral or drowning in it’s own mythos.

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