Thursday, March 20, 2008

Did Sam Gompers Play Second Base?

What was the strange swirl of radical activity in the blazing Fort Meyers, Florida sun yesterday? The Red Sox, once infamously known as the 25 player-25 cabs team, bonded together and messed with woeful Bud Selig and his fellow corporate kingpins and threatened to disrupt a carefully planned and promoted trip to Japan that was created for the sole purpose of increasing MLB market share, and raining more coin into the coffers? The spoiled, petulant, bratty, self-serving, kids-game-playing millionaires kicked up some dust for their less fortunate coaches and support staff?
Did anybody see a grim-faced Ray Liotta sticking his mug out from behind some Palm trees while Kevin Costner scratched his ever cute hair and wondered about the voices he was hearing? Why haven't I, during the many so-called actions (picketing, leafleting, boycotting) I've either orchestrated or participated in, managed to get results in the space of a brief tick-tocking hour? I hope Terrible Teddy, a true man of the people, was hovering around and smiling, and I hope Oil Can popped open a mid-afternoon cold one, because that was a rare (and downright weird) example of the right stuff, and, although I was just sitting in that very sunny ballpark last Tuesday afternoon, I felt two times as heated-up yesterday following the incident as it unfolded.


skylolo99 said...

That was one hell of a classy move. I didn't think they had it in them. I don't know why but I feel kinda proud.

PS- Great posts by the way Scotty- I make a point to read Culture Vulture every morning.

mdoggie said...

Scotty and Markie and Markie me, sittin' in a tree. Kissing a branch , playing baseball on the Wii.

I am out of the news loop on this one, but I too read Culture Vulture every day. Especially in the bathroom.