Wednesday, March 19, 2008

TV EYE: Apocalypse Yawn

Admittedly, I haven’t put the time in with Jericho (CBS, Tuesday, 10:00 PM), a prime time fable of apocalypse and frontier justice, having watched only some intermittent episodes during its first season, and the first few episodes of its current run. I have not yet seen what it possesses that turned on enough viewers to successfully petition to keep the show alive. It’s a strangely desaturated drama that never manages to convey the urgencies of its conspiracies, and also seems to spend a bit much time veering off into a few sappy romantic interludes. Even the lead, supposedly smoldering rebel boy Skeet Ulrich just comes off as a scraggly bearded stereotype, a pretty boy survivalist without an ounce of gravitas. One doesn’t want to weigh in negatively against a network product that is at least venturing into intriguing territory, but the show seems to lack either the sizzle or the propulsive drive it needs to differentiate it.

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cbsplaysdirty said...

Considering CBS cut Jericho's budget in HALF and got rid of some of the main cast, and forced them to film each episode in an unheard of 7 days each (ridiculously small number of days) I think they did a good job. Still better than EVERYTHING else at that time slot -- though, stupid Americans still outnumber the intelligent ones. Pity.

And Skeet rocks.