Thursday, May 15, 2008

TV EYE: Found

Here we go. Lost (ABC, Thursdays, 10:00 PM), nearing the end of it’s fifth season, is rocking on all cylinders, adding complexity and mystery yet still managing to keep the pivotal overriding in-the-now tale progressing captivatingly forward. Unlike such stellar outings as The X Files or Twin Peaks, Lost(which is certainly treading on much of the same sci-fi/supernatural/psychological ground as those two aforementioned seminal series) has only temporarily lost it’s steam, and managed to right itself before jumping the shark or veering into innocuous territory. The show has always managed it’s time-into- multi-character constraints as well as any prime time soaper ever did, leaping from one dissipating arc to a regenerated one in just the nick of time. Between flashbacks and flash-forwards, the show divides its time in Ben’s camp, on the beachfront with Jack, and on the boat with Sayid and Desmond, all the while mixing and matching dead folk, possibly dead folk, and potentially dead folk to add to the sense of sharp roller coaster exhilaration that marks the series as among the best that mainstream TV has to offer, and hopefully (whimper-whimper) proves that it’s creators can truly close the thing out in style and with smarts as its subsequent last two seasons unfold.

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