Monday, May 12, 2008


What a strange, and strangely divided, comic book movie offering Iron Man is. Robert Downey Jr. absolutely kicks ass as Tony Stark, the playboy inventor/industrialist turned into iron clad super hero, bringing his bonafide hipster sensibility to the fore, and making the first half of the latest Marvel Comic-into-movie come alive with eye-winking moxie. Regrettably director Jon Favreau can’t avoid whoosing down the path of digital bam and pow, and the tale, once deprived of Downey’s marvelously insidious satirical stylings, transforms into yet another popcorn spectacle. Certainly, both the genre and the salivating fanboys demand the by-rote sound and fury series of clashes, but none of it is either inventive or special, grinding down the gears initially propelled by Downey’s joyride of a performance, and making an end result that winds up as just another entry into the movie/comic book franchise sweepstakes, albeit one currently raking in the box office dough.

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