Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Thank you, Mr. President

From our consistently cranky fellow Culture Vulture John Kiley, emanating from somewhere in the midst of Maine, temporarily getting caught up in reality, temporarily eschewing the pure pleasures of pop culture.

I'm so glad that I'm getting that rebate check that
you are borrowing from China. It will cover about 1/2
the commissions that I lost today as I was designed out
of PerkinElmer because we had to hit them with a 20%
increase due to the tanking dollar that you,
Microsoft, GE, and GM love so much. So long 300k/year.
Of course this borrowing along with the endless
interest rate cuts will keep inflation humming along
but keep those well-controlled investment houses

So McCain is going to keep the War going, keep the tax
cuts in place, and keep borrowing from China. Thats
what I want- 8 more years of failed policy that has
screwed the economy and kept the Stock Market @ zero
growth. I'll vote for that twice if I can.
The State of Maine, having scrambled to tax anything
due to less and less revenues from DC, has just
imposed a huge tax on Soda and Beer. Guess who likes
his Soda and Beer. But I have to admit these are not
healthy so I'm glad they are taxing me. I'm going to
give up these unhealthy habits and with the money I
save, I'm going to start buying breakfast sandwiches @
McDonald's instead of having a Diet Pepsi. And every
nite I'm going to Wendy's and get me one of those
triple cheese Double burgers with 5 strips of bacon
instead of beer. Can't be unhealthy cuz they are not
taxed. In 6 months I won't be complaining anymore
after the massive coronary.

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