Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Bukowski Revisited

From Diane M, our logo designer, trying her best to vulture some culture in the oppressive climate of Fort Meyers, FLA.

I just caught a biography of Charles Bukowski on Showtime called
Bukowski: ,
directed by John Dullaghan in 2004,which, if you're a Bukowski fan in any measure, you really need to see. It's fascinating!
It's full of interviews of practically everybody he ever met, publishers, lovers, friends, even celebrities like Sean Penn and Bono, who both openly engage in hero worship onscreen in a rather endearing manner. But the best part is the
wealth of footage of Bukowski himself in action, dating as far back as
the sixties—being interviewed (both drunk and straight), giving
readings (also both drunk and straight), and just being followed
around by the filmmaker. And there's some really astounding stuff in
there—Bukowski reading a poem of his own about a girlfriend that left
him and starting to cry, and an interview with a German guy who states
that when Bukowski speaks of love he means just sex, to which Bukowski
replies, "Love is a dog from hell. It has it's own agonies, it comes
with it's own agonies." There's drunken Bukowski acting up on a
plane, and older Mr. B. crying at his wedding to Linda (when, in the
scene before, he has a fight with her on camera, calling her a whore
and kicking her). He also has several interesting things to say about
the movie, "Barfly", and his disappointment with it and Mickey
Rourke's acting in it. The film is completely mesmerizing, and it
will make you want to pull out all your old Bukowski books and read
them all over again—which, if you'll excuse me, I have to go do right

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