Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Quirky Time

It’s obvious that Juno is this year’s Little Miss Sunshine, you know, the quirky indie that makes us laugh and imparts a life lesson (and cleans up at the box office), and although a bit arch and too smart for it’s own good, does indeed deliver, thanks in large part to a picture perfect cast (particularly J.K Simmons and Allison Janney as supportive parents, and Jason Bateman as a male 40- something squarely astride the ol’ Peter Pan syndrome). Current Hollywood It Girl stripper/blogger-turned screenwriter Diablo Cody’s screenplay turns the pregnant teenage girl (played blithely by Hard Candy’s Ellen Page) of the title into a smartypants that could go one-on-one with Dorothy Parker, but director Jason (son of Ivan) Reitman, reigns in the heightened cognizance assigned to the character and whips up a fairly resonant (and purty amusing) coming-of-age story. As much as I was prepared to find fault with Cody’s overly schematic dialogue the screenplay does possess more than enough actual charm to bring the movie on home.

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