Friday, April 27, 2007

Tawkin' bout my-my-my-my jukebox

Good buddy and budding filmmaker Matt Turner informs me that the Jukebox documentary (Jukebox: From Edison to Ipod) mostly shot here in Providence at Nick-A-Nee’s, with talking head participation from myself and pallies Mark Cutler and Terry Moran has been accepted in a short film category at Cannes. Imagine this at the very least—all those sophisticated European cineastes checking out the doc and marveling at its authenticity, which our pronounced RI dialects help provide. Heh-heh. (Eventually we’ll have the doc available for viewing on this site.)


mdoggie said...


What's that, we are going to Cannes? Praise be, you will finally acheive the international notoriety you deserve, as a talking head not at a news desk, but a bar!

Koluki said...