Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Shadow Play

As much as I enjoyed seeing Nancy Pelosi hover over Baby Bush's right shoulder, as much as I frothed at the mouth witnessing The Prez forced to tone down the dog and pony show known as the State of the Union address in the reluctant name of statesmanship, as much as I fully realize that this cretinous, insipid, venal dumbo know as Our Leader purty much delivered a speech to a room brimming over with skepticism and lame duck resignation, speaking as if he had a batch of 2006 ballots crammed down his larynx, it still didn't register anymore on the fun-o-meter than watching yet another Happy Days rerun. His bottom line intention is still 20,000 plus more U.S. Troops and another 1 billion in aid, more shady Homeland security abuses and a never ending battle over immigration, all of it causing me to awake this morning with a strong desire to pour a pristine dollop of tequila into my morning breakfast cereal. Except, I don't eat no cereal.


skylolo99 said...

It's hard to envision happy days returning anytime soon. This 'President' has made an unprecedented power grab aided by 6 years of Republican control and no matter what congress does short of impeachment, 20 thousand of our brothers and sisters are heading into harm's way. They're already there or on their way.
We've got a bag of nails for a president.

mdoggie said...

What's really hard to accept is the fact that under the steely simian gaze of a man with a white powder slushee for a brain our infrastructure has been usurped by corporate facists. New World Order indeed.

Anonymous said...

He got enough rope, and he gave himself a better hanging then they gave Hussein. Fuck him, he'll live, it's the people he's letting die I'm worried about, cause I know for shit sure he ain't.

john k said...

You have a stronger stomach than me, Scott. I can't even bear to watch that little fraud. The next time we ask someone to swear to uphold the constitution, perhaps that person will have read it and actually understand it. I actually had to put a letter on file with the school department denying the military access to my children's education records-a cute little clause gave them that power that went along with his underfunded and failed "No kids left behind".
The whole Iraq thing is none other than oil. Right now he is scambling to get a bill passed in the Iraqi parliament that would give Big Oil 20% of the profits made on Iraqi oil. The standard is 10%. Btw this is simply about profit because none of that oil will be consumed in the US. I think the other more sinister reason he committed us there was to show up his father. He knew it was folly as did all of the other surviving presidents. At Ford's funeral,W looked like such a mental midget compared to Ford,Carter,Clinton, or his Dad.
Having Rumsfeld, who once as Reagan's pointman sold VX gas to Saddam, leading the war effort is laughable. Racing to secure the oil ministry, failing to secure Arms depots, and disbanding the Iraqi Army was akin to treason. Christ,even Gingrich calls it the worst blunder in our military history. So Yes, Saddam did have WMD's-we sold them to him. War on Terror-F%CK NO. All the CIA old schoolers knew Saddam hated Islamic fundies as much as we did. Bush and Dick simply purged them.
Psycho Cheney still refers to Iraqi war as the war on terror. Its Shi'ites and Sunnis killing each other and us if we are in the way.
Move on up on those bottom rungs of the ladder of bad presidents,Harding,Hoover,Buchanan,and Fillmore, that bottom rung is reserved for a stupid and stubborn little man from Texas.

Some liberties are taken here but its not too far from the truth..

mikeyt said...

Who really cares what lame-duck, draft-dodging, Jesus-loving, money-grabbing, dim-witted assboy Dubya says anymore anyway? He got what he wanted-- a personal fourtune amassed through skyrocketing oil-prices, several cleverly placed friends in high places, some key judicial appointments and a legacy he doesn't care about, because for him it's not what they write in history books, it's what goes down in his bank books.
Election '06 aside, however-- we're still in trouble, folks, because the fractured, unfocused Dems have two years to show they got nuthin'. Look at all the lames throwin' their hats in the ring. Looks bad, folks. You just gotta remember to to still throw all the bums out in '08-- no matter how weak and ineffectual the Nancy-boys and girls are in the interim. It's our only hope. God, am I depressed.

Anonymous said...

Well said everyone. So who do we like for 2008? Obama is cool, but perhaps needs to stay in 'school'. Hilary is NOT it, although she is 1,000 points of light ahead of W. Is there an actual Republican out there we like. Guiliani is cool but he's a right wing puppet fool. McCain is honest, but we all know the temper thing is real (Scott should relay his Jack Reed story) and I'm totally against his escalation policy

Scotty D said...

I despise Rudy the Spotlight-he's slick, a dick,and loves to turn a media trick, and POW McCain may indeed be a hero but last year he began to drop much of his independent man stance and ass-kissed and butt-licked the staunch right-wing and conservative factions, a truly scary I-wanna-be-President move, besides the fact that he is a rabid war monger.

sen.miller said...

Young and old need to rise up by the millions. This is why Italy Germany, well all except England are gone. For prez. - I go Edwards/Obama, dark horse - Gore.

mdoggie said...

Uh, So sorry. Must be on the wrong blog...there's a bunch of like political stuff on here......

Doesn't anyone wanna talk about this weeks "American Idol"????????

Anonymous said...

The culture of politics has permeated even the most devout media maven's non-committal positioning. I just watched Meet the Press and Simon was all over this bass player named Huckabee who is running for American Idol in 2008.

Scotty D said...

American Idol Song Choices:

Hilary- "Piss Factory"
Barack-"When Doves Cry"
Gore- "I Can See For Miles"
Edwards-"Pink Houses"
Biden-"I had Too Much to Dream Last Night"
Bayh- "A Boy Named Sue"
Dodd- "Barefootin'"
Vilsack- "Grand Coulee Dam"
McCain- "I Need A New Drug"
Rudy- "Cabaret"
Mitt- "It's De-Lovely"

DENNIS said...

The U.S. immigration debate has been frozen since 9/11 and perhaps understandably so.
Americans want their government to be reasonably sure that visitors and immigrants aren’t a security risk. But the absence of a coherent immigration policy is
hampering both our states economic growth and national security.
Like a lot of other states, Rhode Island is affected by the fate of illegal immigrants. That is why we should embrace the same idea as the Arizona Republicans initiative. Their legislation contains provisions that advocates on both sides of the issue disagree with. But they present an unanticipated opportunity to place the unresolved issue of illegal immigration back to the political agenda The terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, relegated illegal alien issues to the back burner of American politics. But where's the wisdom in continuing to allow thousands of people each year to come across our borders unchecked and undetected? Forget the back burner. The time has come for the Rhode Island state house to tackle this issue—before the body count gets any larger. Illegal immigration leaves the door open to terrorism and terrorist attacks PERIOD.
(The new Arizona law would suspend the operating license of any business that “knowingly or intentionally hires an illegal immigrant. A second violation would put the business, out of business. All new hires must have their identification cross-checked by the Federal Basic Pilot system. Basic Pilot serves about 17,000 businesses nationally.)
Dennis Lefebvre
Rhode Island