Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Everybody is somebody sometime

I wanted to mention Bob, that I really enjoyed your "Hardest and Littlest Man" entry from a few back. I think you are definitely in the "spirit" of this new-fangled medium. And you know the medium is the massage. Or the message. OR maybe both 'cause I swear I saw copies with both titles and it wasn't just the drugs.
I know I am behind the curve, pop-culture wise, but my big brother always sends me a novel or two for Xmas. This year it was "King Dork". I used to do a lotta fiction, now it's rare - this was the first book in a very long time that kept me up way past beddybytime. Thoroughly enjoyable, much of the cynical, proto-teen wit and willfull alienation being all too recognizable.
I think in some ways, we are still 12, or maybe 16, probably 18 for me 'cause that's when I started having something that could be called sex. This childishness, er I mean childlike quality is what makes us so simultaneously charming and irritating.

On the same delayed-loop pop-culture note - I actually watched "The L Word" for the first time. I've only tuned through it in the past but since all of female Hollywood is now doing cameos I got curious. It seems way too complex for me with too many similarly clad thin women and lots of mellowdramamine but they have plenty of titillating girl on girl action so I highly recommend it.
Ok, I'm done reading for the night so I gonna go back to posing for my CD cover.


Scotty D said...

1978 wants its shirt back.

mdoggie said...

Kinda spooky Scott, I believe that is a bowling shirt from circa 1978.....

skylolo99 said...

King Dork rules-
Makes me want to go read Catcher in the Rye. I already bought A Seperate Peace cuz Danny's reading that. I'm going to give the book to my boy in the near future.
"Rock n Roll"

Scotty D said...

If you were a rocknroll kiddie or teen King Dork flat out gets it, and it's readily apparent that the title character could easily grow up to be the protagonist in High Fidelity, just another manchild flummoxed by the power and magic of pop music.