Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Humble Opinions

In my humble opinion, this is how you cover a song (staying true to the original, but redrafting it in yer own style): LouDoesLennon

In my humble opinion, this is how you stay vital and perpetually hip (and get up close to Shelby Lynne): PeteGetsTragic

In my humble opinion, this is how you veer off course and make rumblin' rock and roll magic (and put in some quality time with Tito Larriva) : BobAndThePlugzDoBob

In my humble opinion, this is how you use file cards and quote F. Scott Fitzgerald after giving the audience the finger (and say, with great ironic aplomb: “Roll over, Woodstock”): IggyDoesItRight


Anonymous said...

1. Lou is amazing, as always--he makes this song inarguably his own.
2. Are Peter Wolf and Bob Giusti secret brothers? Or are they both played by Richard Belzer? Also, Wolf shouldn't sing with someone who's got so much more singing talent than himself--Shelby Lynne makes him sound like an amateur. I do like the song, though, it's very sweet. And Wolf still looks great, bad hair dye job notwithstanding.
3. I couldn't take my eyes off the guy to the left of Dylan, the one who looks like he's in Loverboy.
4. Anybody that Iggy says is cool, is. But Iggy, of course, is still the coolest EVAHHHHH!

skylolo99 said...

Great job by Lou on a subject he has sung about on his own.
Peter Wolf looks the same as he ever did and his band is great.
I remember when Dylan did that spot years ago and it doesn't get old.
Iggy - how to steal a scene 101 right out of the James Dean scene stealing textbook. It's nice to see him get choked up while quoting F Scot

Anonymous said...

Poverty is stranger to industry.......................................................

mr. don of shaking said...

I'll still take Bryan Ferry's "Jealous Guy," over any other that I've heard. But outstanding with the Iggy. Everytime he makes a new record, or I see him in anything, I think of it as a comeback, and I've thought this since the 70's when the Stooges made Raw Power. Of course, he's never looked fitter, healthier, he's having the last laugh. But it's a miracle, don't we think?

Anonymous said...

Iggy deserves the last laugh! Karen Carpenter essentially died of a drug overdose (of ipecac), and Iggy's a senior citizen! Who'd of thunk?

Scotty D said...

From an e-mail:

"I finally got some time tonight to view the YouTube clips from this link. My first comment is how the heck did you even know about these, except of course the very recent Stooges HoF intro.

1) The older I get, the more hair Sweet Lou has; how can that be? You know I love him and I let him go way past my roughly 20 year limit on buying stuff by an artist. The song’s a good cover but I bet if I go back and listen to his cover of “Foot Of Pride” from BobFest, it would sound about the same. My question is what was Steve Buschemi (sp?) doing introducing him on some sort of chat show?!

2) Peter Wolf is always in the Boston Globe for one thing or another and he has an album just released in the last couple weeks. He’s always been a good foot soldier in the rock/blues/R&B war but I really couldn’t identify anything by him in his solo career. I still love and regularly play my first four Geils albums, but that’s all the time he gets. Nice clip; I’d never seen Shelby Lynne before but I know who she is.

3) The Dylan clip on Letterman is a jaw dropper. Just outstanding. I am trying to think back and I would say I knew nothing of Dylan from about 1978-1994 when he came back to prominence @ Wookstock ’94. I still have that tape and watch it about once every two years. This clip is astounding; thanks!

4) You have Iggy; I have Ray Davies. The speech is great, I’m glad he’s alive and looks great (I never understood how he could be so eloquent, making ad voiceovers, nonetheless), I bought and sold The Stooges albums in college. I have Raw Power on vinyl and a couple solo albums but he’s just not my guy. OMG, I couldn’t believe that was James Williamson!"