Thursday, December 10, 2009

Bar Talk # 2

Overheard Friday Night (12-4-09) at Nick-A-Nees ,

Providence, Rhode Island

(Purty much reported as close to verbatim as possible.)

“I went from apocalyptic Christian to aspiring Jew to semi-agnostic to a possible Wiccan.”

“Can I come over to your house tomorrow and use your computer to pay my gas bill?”

“I had a thoroughly unproductive night Tuesday. I just kept drinking and listening to music and sitting on my couch. By the end of the night the notes were just hovering over my head.”

“My Mom and Dad adore this dude ( as Dylan’s “Mississippi” plays in the background) , but he always sounds like an escapee from Area 51 to me.”

First guy: “ I’d like to see her do the old school twist.” Second guy: “I’d like to see her in a cat suit.” First guy: “You ought to borrow one from your mother and give it to her.”

“Everyone constantly talks about rich kids and I am not one, but right now I am so one.”

“I gotta learn how to operate a vacuum cleaner real soon.”

“The thing about drinking is the thought of drinking precipitates the act of drinking which is often more glorious than the end result of drinking, and a lot less thinking seems to go with a lot more drinking.”

“If I have any more of this buca I’ll probably try to screw some of those ants that keep pouring out of my kitchen cupboard.”

“Deval Patrick tipped the scales in the wrong direction. All the blue New England states must have a Republican Governor. It’s all about balance, man.”

“They talk about Alice Cooper and Marilyn Manson and that GG something guy but I think Lady Gaga is scarier that all of ‘em.”

“Whenever a stable boy pops up in a western, he’s a goner for sure.”

“Text me in a half hour to remind me I’m long, gone, and done.”


skylolo99 said...

Sub- friggin - blime

Scotty D said...

Dawneca said...
Scott! Thanks for reminding me of what I miss about RI. And, yes, Lady Gaga has been watching old AC & maybe Tubes videos. Rhianna? Oddity-era Bowie. I'd bet a large D&D coffee, dark - no sugar - on it.

mdoggie said...

Is the first one a Bob Guisti quote and did the "notes hovering" come from Mr. Cutler hisself? The last one sounds like you, Scott.

Anonymous said...

I just got homesick.

skylolo99 said...

Not my hovering comment Mark- Scott will tell you that the only time I go out now is when I have a gig. Diane, I live here and I'm homesick!

Scotty D said...

Outta 13 quotations, I slightly altered one and made another two up for good measure.(Artistic lisence, and all that.)Can you guess which? Bob Giusti, like Mark, does not come out anymore, unless he has a gig. Diane,I should do this a few times a year, and you should animate the quotes, ala the Dock Ellis thing, sketching the quotees as you see them in yer mind's eye.

Anonymous said...

Sound like fun, Scott! But wait till the spring--We're going into tourist season here, I gotta work a thousand hours a week till April. Then I'm in!

muddyboot27 said...

rofl...more please.