Friday, April 3, 2009

Dr. Hackenbush Springs Out of the Bushes

Dr. Hackenbush, aka Jim Celenza, always welcome in the lair of the culture vulture, is back again, teetering down his own his internal warpath:

today another bday like and anvil dropped onyr
broken heart\and they to dragged me to
a bistro to fathom the intircate brilinace of my brain:
so I gave them the speech:

If I were King subways, trams, buses, trains, wine, beer
Figs and pizza would all be free,
Gasoline, ipods, parking and cellphones would be priced to what they cost
people in Nigeria and Indonesia and China
the ave work week everywhere would be three and a half days.
And pubs would never have TVs
No daylite savings, just saving for the night
Workers in the laundry and housekeeping would make 90 thousand a week
CEOS and lawyers would have to wash
latrines in India and Africa
Movies would be free; plays too: with mandatory nudity in each.

If I were King I would organize monthly film festivals
Wim Wenders, Scorsese, Bunuel. Kieslowski
Orson, Gong Li, Truffault, Goddard, Altman.
Laura Linney, Hitchcock and Wilder.
If I was crowned imperial king Lena Olin would be my Queen,
And after the divorce, Roseanna Arquette
And then after that divorce… Merisa Tomie.
And after her departure (inconsolable)
learn to live alone in a deep darkmine

If I were coroneted in a robin crested sweet blueberry
Spring day
all those who left me here alone to drift
Across the river stinx in this immense indifferent dark
Would still be here
sharing the wine and the figs and the cheese
and the gossip and the BBC

If I were king my court would include Steve Buscieme, Bruno GAnz, Sade, Fred, (a plastic replica of Hunter Thompson).
Ammie Mann, Cat Stevens, Stephan Hawking, Paul Farmer,
N Mandela, Robbie Robertson, Bill Murray, the Coens, Kate Winslet, Dennis Hopper,
There would be a standing order for all
Citizens and subjects
Those with burn wounds, palsy, and the chronically lonely
Digging in dumpsters
will be driven in style to attend a play by Beckett and Pinter once a yr
All radio and TV and Internet sites would begin each broadcast day
with Howling Wolf
schools would not pledge to anything or anyone but begin each crisp brilliant morning
Over the load speaker
With a reading (by Flannery O’Connor. Issac Babel, Primo Levi, Chekhov

If I were fuckin KING
There would a way to get back to the magic
And, were I king everyone would have a
Sweetly scented Guiding light
to take them safely home.
were I king..................

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