Tuesday, July 29, 2008

TV EYE: Strange Lines

Entertainment Weekly cleverly posited The Middleman (ABC Family, Mondays. 10:00 PM) as The Avengers + The Tick+ Reaper, but its eye-winking tone and steady stream of popcult references make this one weird trip, particularly as an original ABC Family Network offering. Straddling a strange line between almost cartoon lightness, overt parody, and self-contained sci-fi universe, with Matt Keesler as the 50’s Boy Scout-like secret agent title character and cutey-pie Natalie Morales as the sparkplug wiseass sidekick, it may indeed generate a cult following before it zaps off to oblivion. Although series creator Javier Grillo-Marxvach is drawing from his own graphic novels (authored along with artist Les McClaine ), he also sports a quite impressive TV batch of credits, including Lost, Medium and Jake 2.0, making this hour of snarky quirkiness all the more interesting.

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