Friday, June 6, 2008

TV EYE: Done Wrong Dems

What a time to revisit the screwed-up, messed-up, comically depressing Presidential Election of 2000. With Recount (HBO, various times), writer Danny Strong and director Jay Roach have put together a telling narrative mostly derived from the actual fiasco-including multiple public concessions, behind the scenes maneuvering of both Repubs and Dems, a vamping mad-hatter (Laura Dern as Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris), and enough matter-of-fact cynicism on display to penetrate the whole East Coast. Recount spins a funny and furious little tale (for a whole lotta of us, a bitterly funny kick-in-the-pants cautionary tale) but it doesn’t pack the lethal punches of a truly caustic satire. The fact is that despite all that most of us dyed-in-the-wool pissy and pissed off uberDems won't be able to resist watching such a stacked-deck cable movie.

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