Friday, September 14, 2007


All across the football landscape they are piling on--The Patriots are cheaters, turns out Belichick was more fraud than genius, both Brady and Kraft are undeniably tainted too, no wonder they won multiple Super Bowls. I hate to be a homer or an apologist, but, while the videotaping of signs was certainly wrong, and punishable, the hue and cry in the sports pages, on the internet, and heard on sports radio (one can only imagine the time that will be devoted to Videogate on the Sunday pre and post game TV shows), sounds more like the high pitch of a bunch of whiners and also-rans that the high-minded protest of the moral football majority. Stealing signs, in both baseball and football, has long been part of each sports’ gamesmanship, thus the age-old camera shots of the pitcher covering his mouth with the glove as he talks to his catcher and or sideline coach hiding his lips with a curled up game plan as he makes the decision for the next big surprise handoff up the middle. Sure Belechick’s Nixonian side is equally hilarious, scary, and pitiful, but you’ll never convince me that the Pat’s recent run of continued success stems from the ability to swipe a few play calls.

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Charles Drago said...


Gimme that Ole Time Religion -- Did the fellow Paulie Walnuts call "Braingini" experience a sudden burst of conscience? After all, given his, shall we say, intimate involvement with past Patriots defenses, he would be in a most enviable position to know just what went down. Or is he the NFL's version of Sammy the Bull?

When will the holier-than-thou Chris Collingworths of our blessed media going to approach the Jets head coach and ask the questions that beg to be asked?

We're All Part of the Same Hypocrisy -- If I were in Bill's booties, I'd make it clear to the commish: This ends now, or I'll come back with charges of my own that will reveal the full scope of league-wide rule-stretching.

We all do it, Commissioner. But don't ever think it applies to the Kraft Family.

What's the Dif? -- Between a runner at second base stealing signs and a videographer behind an NFL bench taping signs?

A camera!

Which is to say, no fucking moral difference whatsoever.

Vito Andolini