Monday, May 28, 2007

Wrap It Up

The following TV EYE blurb is reprinted from Providence Monthly Online
Both NBC’s Heroes and ABC’s Lost boasted season finales this past week, with varying results. Heroes, which for a few months this season, seemed more lively and interesting than the often slow moving Lost, botched it’s final episode, with a petered out mini-confrontation in the streets, the hinted at non-death of the villain, and some purple dialogue that seemed to be lifted from comics in their infancy. It remains a bright, easy-to-watch series; with a whiz bang narrative and a surfeit of colorful characters, all of it going a long way towards encouraging viewers to swallow the show’s mythology and it’s absurdities whole. Although the final few episodes were below par, particularly the finale, we hold hope for it’s second season. Lost, which meandered at times this season, brought it home in fine form, culminating in a two-hour, film-like denouement that killed off a major character, sneakily set a few scenes in a gloom-and-doom future, and generally provided both trenchant action, plotting, and a poetic catharsis, and even managed to answer a few of the multiple lingering questions. This season’s culmination single-handedly earns the show its bragging rights as the best dramatic serial on contempo TV, one that is looking more and more like an all-timer.

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