Wednesday, March 7, 2007

shaking like a mountain

“This is a Public Service Announcement with Guitars”*
*thank you Joe Strummer*

shaking like a mountain, an online journal about contemporary music, is seeking poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction inspired by the soundtrack of our lives. In a piece called “The Music of Prose,” Richard Goodman wrote recently, “At the highest level, the sound a writer makes on the page is music.” No argument. But the inverse may be true as well.
shaking like a mountain is prepared to test the waters. Rock you on the waters, hit you in the head and leave you feeling okay.
We believe everybody has a song, or songs, that speak to them in ways particular and wondrous, and we welcome new writers, established writers and old but never-to-be-forgotten writers to give us their best take in the form of poetry, fiction or non-fiction.
Take risks, be creative, shake your money-maker; shake it like a mountain.

We will be live! by April 1.
Until then, submission guidelines are available upon request by writing

Your editors are Wayne Cresser and Vito Grippi

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Anonymous said...

Wayne, can I pitch my "Vagina Monologe" for men titled the "Testicle Testament"?